DZ Light Close
Light as item
Effect Stage 1 melee weapon/source of light
Rarity None (You start with one every time you spawn/respawn)
Buyable? No (Look to Rarity)
Price (If Buyable) N/A

DZ Light

Effect when equipped

You will always start with this whenever you spawn/respawn. It will light up a massive area around you allowing for better view at night, but will only light up the area when equipped.This means you cannot hold another item and still have the light on. The light will never run out of power and can be used as a melee weapon. *Be warned! It takes many hits to kill a zombie with this starter weapon! Your best bet is to either run away or get a wall between you and the zombies and attack them through the wall (technically cheating but the game is already cheating by making the flashlight so weak)* Never be without one of these; it might seem like a waste of space but when night comes along you will regret that decision.