DZ deadzone

The Deadzone

The DeadzoneEdit

The Deadzone is where everyone goes to kill zombies, kill players, explore, and go find food and medicine and weapons etc. It might sound like a great place, but it is also very dangerous. Your first danger is zombies. They are easy to tell apart from players and are easy to spot at a distance. They will also moan at you, but remember that you also have a weapon, the light. Killing zombies will give you money which can be used to buy useful things in the shop at the Safezone.* Another danger is players. Many players like to kill others and loot their bodies. At the beginning, try to avoid all contact with others unless you know them and are teaming with them. It is always best to avoid death. If you want to fight back at zombies and/or players, always head TOWARDS any manmade structures, there will always be items in them, and if there isn't, someone already looted it. If you fill up your inventory with items and you want to deposit it in the bank, just click the "Go To Safezone" button and wait for the timer. (If you want to save your progress then just leave the game while in the safezone, if you lose connection or leave in deadzone it won't save!) Just remember, always be cautious!